Testing effort reduction for Automatic Emergency Braking

The TarA project (Testaufwandsreduktion AEB) investigates methods to reduce the test effort required for the approval and release of Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems. The project is funded and supported by the Continental Autonomous Mobility Germany GmbH.

The validation of automated driving functions, such as AEB systems, is currently one of the fundamental challenges in the automotive industry. To prove the safety of the developed functions, the systems are subjected to extensive field testing. The performed field tests attempt to specifically cover the system's operational design domain (ODD) and identify potential malfunctions within the testing period. However, the approval process takes place at the vehicle level. Thus, OEMs currently have to perform the entire testing process for each vehicle configuration after the AEB application.

The research conducted at FZD aims to reduce the testing effort. To achieve this goal, a comprehensive analysis of the testing process is carried out, identifying possible reduction potentials and considering various possible impact paths.