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  • Teleoperated driving is seen as a fundamental key factor for accelerating the introduction of automated driving. For the flexible design of test scenarios – concerning the teleoperation system of the research project MAAS – synthetic objects should be visualized in the transmitted videos streams, thus creating an augmented reality.

    Supervisor: Patrick Pintscher, M. Sc.

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  • Teleoperation means the remote control of a vehicle and is seen as a fundamental key factor to enable automated driving. In the research projects MAAS and UNICARagil teleoperation systems are developed and implemented into the automated vehicles. For this, a test concept including test cases based on a risk analysis needs to be developed to approve safety of the systems.

    Supervisors: Björn Klamann, M. Sc., Patrick Pintscher, M. Sc.

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  • In the research project UNICARagil, new methods for the safety approval automated driving are being researched and applied in the development of automated vehicles. The aim is to approve modules individually. For this, it is necessary to know the exact dependencies between the functions of the modules in order to take these into account in module tests.

    Supervisor: Björn Klamann, M. Sc.

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  • A wheeled, mobile driving simulator is used on circular open spaces to simulate highly dynamic driving maneuvers in the project MORPHEUS. Lidar sensors, scanning a 360° field of view, shall protect the automated vehicle from collisions with objects in its environment. The algorithms for object detection from the lidar's point cloud must be developed and tested under consideration of realistic environmental disturbances.

    Supervisor: Melina Lutwitzi, M. Sc.

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