Driver Assistance and Automated Driving

This course is completely renewed (first run 2024) and features automated driving technology across the whole stack including advanced driver assistance systems

Course Details

Lecture title Automotive Mechatronics and Assistance Systems
Mechatronik und Assistenzsysteme im Automobil
Module title Driver Assistance Systems and Automated Driving
Fahrassistenzsysteme und automatisiertes Fahren
Semester Summer semester 2024
Lecturer Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steven Peters
Course language German

  • Inertial Measurement and Navigation
  • Environment Sensors (camera, lidar, radar, next gen. sensors) and their applications in ADAS and AD
  • Perception (based on Deep Learning) & Fusion
  • Planning (prediction, maneuver planning, trajectory planning)
  • Control Approaches (e.g. model predictive control) and Actuators (incl. X by wire)
  • Additional Aspects (energy efficiency, human machine interfaces…)
  • Strategies for Safety Approval
  • Automated Trucking (Guest: Axel Gern, Senior Vice President of Engineering und Managing Director for Torc Europe)
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