University at Buffalo
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Study Abroad for One Semester

Students from TU Darmstadt have the opportunity to study at the University at Buffalo’s Department Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering during the fall semester.

About the Exchange Program

Every year three Mechanical Engineering students from TU Darmstadt get the opportunity to study for one fall semester at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University at Buffalo in the state of New York. Students get the chance to attend the classes offered by the partner university and transfer the credits earned back to TU Darmstadt. Normally TU Darmstadt students can transfer those credits quite easy, nonetheless, we advise students to have a look at the acknowledge course list provided by the MechCenter and get a pre-approval for classes which are not stated in this list.

The so called “fall semester” usually starts in August and ends shortly before Christmas in December – see the academic calendar for more information. The next exchange takes place from the August until December 2024. December (excluding travel time before and afterwards).

Due to a bilateral exchange between TU Darmstadt and the University at Buffalo the tuition (around $ 7000) is waived for TU Darmstadt students participating in this particular program. With the beneficial help of MechCenter and PVW (International Affairs) the institute of automotive engineering (FZD) coordinates this particular exchange program.

About the University at Buffalo

The University at Buffalo is the State University of the State New York and normally just called UB. The university was founded in 1846 and war originally a medical school. Nowadays UB offers a variety of different academic programs for the more than 31.500 students. UB has two campuses in the city of Buffalo. The North Campus is the main campus for graduate Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering students.

Buffalo itself is located really close to the Canadian border and offers a lot of close by attractions like Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, Toronto etc.

Who can apply?

This program should be conducted during your first or second master semester. Students must be enrolled at TU Darmstadt while applying and participating at the program at all times. The program is exclusively for Mechanical Engineering students (FB16) of TU Darmstadt. We advise to apply during your last bachelor semester so you will be in your second master semester the time you arrive at the partner university. But it is also possible to apply during your first master semester.

The application process is centrally organized by FB16’s MechCenter and is together with all other north American exchange opportunities. Please visit the MechCenter Homepage for more information on the Application and start early to gather all the required documents.

Handbook of Alumni

In the following section you will find the three latest versions of our alumni handbook. In this handbook you will find a lot of information about this particular exchange program, the partner university including the application process, lectures, housing, etc. In case you have been granted this exchange, make sure to check for the newest version in march of your exchange year.

Handbook of 2022 (opens in new tab) by Steffen Ertle

Handbook of 2021 (opens in new tab) by Ruben Hetfleisch, Moritz Nold, Tarik Parcic

Handbook of 2019 (opens in new tab) by Jannik Hildebrand, Paul Heckelmann, Terlan Tavasolli