Education at FZD

Lectures, International Exchange and Exams at FZD

FZD offers a wide range of lectures and and a tutorial for students. We also organize lectures for public audiences and exchange programs for students at our partner universities.

Education and Research for Students at FZD

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steven Peters,

FZD offers modern lectures, advanced research projects, international exchange programs and ambitious bachelor & master theses about digitalization, vehicle technology and automated driving, with which we aim to prepare students for jobs in industry, academia and as founders.

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Join FZD and…


Motor Vehicles


Automotive Mechatronics and Assistance Systems

Ride and Handling


Trends ind Automotive Engineering

Safety and Approval Processes for Motor Vehicles

and of course our Tutorial in Automotive Engineering , which gives you a glimpse on how vehicles and assistant systems are tested at testing grounds.

Take a look at our offered Bachelor Theses and Master Theses .

Or are you searching for a group project, like ADP and ARP ?

FZD supports different Formula Student Teams like DART and AMDA.

We take you to a semester abroad to partner universities like the University at Buffalo .

There are many possibilities to get involved in current research, one being to work as a research assistant (HiWi) at FZD.

Our public lectures feature presentations from industry partners about current developments and research.

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There are many ways to become part of FZD's network...

…and to boost your career in automotive engineering!