Automotive Engineering Tutorial

Within the Automotive Engineering Tutorial, the contents of the automotive engineering lectures should be deepened on the basis of selected experiments. The Automotive Engineering Tutorial consists of the conduct of three out of five offered experiments, of which up to three are to be carried out in one day. The number of participants is limited to 16.

The examinations for the corresponding lectures are not a formal requirement for participation in the tutorial. However, it is recommended to have attended the lectures in order to better understand the contents of the tutorial. Participation in this tutorial prior to the exams also helps to better understand the lecture material. A mandatory requirement for participation in the tutorial is a valid driving license for class B vehicles in Germany.

News Regarding the Tutorial

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Title Automotive Engineering Tutorial
Term Summer Semester
Credit Points 4 CP
Responsible Research Associate Malte Schrimpf
Schedule English version schedule (pdf) (opens in new tab)
Registration Registration Form (pdf)
Location August-Euler-Airfield in Griesheim

The registration deadlines will be announced on notices (see also above: Schedule).

  • Registration is binding! Anyone to not attend the preliminary meeting despite registering will have his tutorial rated as failed.
  • If there are more than 16 participants, they will be drawn by lot.
  • Preparatory materials will be distributed in the preliminary meeting.

The overall grade is calculated from three equally weighted individual scores:

  • 1/3 Conduct (preparation, participation, understanding, commitment)
  • Every participant is rated individually.
  • 1/3 Composition (form, comprehensibility, completeness) Every participant works out one experiment and receives a grade for it.
  • 1/3 Colloquium (total duration 60 min, 15 min for each participant). Each participant gives a five-minute presentation of an experiment he/she has not worked out and afterwards is questioned about this experiment. Answering these questions forms a grade.

The grades will be announced directly after the colloquium.

The written report should consist of about 10 pages per experiment. It should include a table of contents and page numbers. The description of the experiment should not be repeated in the composition but indicated as a source and quoted where applicable.

The written report should be written in such a way that an automotive engineer who has not participated in this tutorial can understand it. Thus, test procedure, calculations, results, and conclusions should be included in a short, comprehensible way. Each experiment is accompanied by an error analysis. All figures and diagrams must be labeled completely and designed sufficiently large. The evaluation of the experiments must be done with Matlab. The code that was used must be attached in the appendix.

The tutorial is passed if the overall grade is 4.0 or better. The grades will be handed to the responsible examination secretariat after the colloquium.