Measurement Services

Driving Dynamics

Measurement services for vehicle dynamics, parametrization and validation of simulation models

The Department of Automotive Engineering offers individual measurement services in the field of vehicle dynamics:

  • Execution of vehicle dynamics tests on the test grounds of the TU Darmstadt or external test sites
  • Evaluation of vehicle dynamics tests

Based on the research results in the areas of parameterization and validation of vehicle dynamics simulation models, FZD also offers services in these areas:

  • Parameterization of vehicle dynamics simulation models (e.g. IPG Car Maker)
  • Validation of existing parameter data sets and vehicle dynamics simulation models (e.g. IPG Car Maker)
Comparison of simulation and road test (Source: Viehof, Validation Concept for Vertical Dynamic Vehicle Characteristics, Reifen-Fahrwerk-Fahrbahn 2017)
Validity evaluation of simulation models and parameter data sets using the steering angle jump maneuver as an example (Source: Hartfiel, MaTh)

Measurement Devices

The following sensor technology is available for tests and studies:

  • Force measuring rims (A&D Wheel Force Sensor) for measuring the forces and torques at the wheel hub
  • Wheel position sensors (A&D Wheel Position Sensor) for measuring wheel movement relative to the vehicle body (kinematics & elastokinematics) in road tests
  • Laser ground sensors (A&D Laser Ground Sensor) for measuring wheel movement relative to the road surface
  • Inertial measuring unit ADMA (Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyzer) for measuring acceleration and rotation rates as well as position data with internal RTK2-DGPS receiver and DGPS base station
  • Correvit sensors for measuring the longitudinal and lateral speed and the slip angle
Test vehicle equipped by FZD with force measuring rims, wheel position sensors, Laser Ground Sensor, Correvit (Source: FZD)
FZD's own vehicle dynamics test vehicle Golf VII

Integration into different test vehicles

By means of a modular platform, the measurement technology can be easily integrated into different vehicles and trunk geometries (high / elongated trunks or compact car / limousine). The force measuring hubs are mounted to the wheel hub of the vehicle by means of mechanical adaptions.

Modular measurement devices platform
Mechanical adaptation of the measuring hub

Testing grounds

The August-Euler airfield in Griesheim is available as a test site. The site includes a runway (length: 1150 m width: 20 m), a taxiway, an open space (80 m x 40 m) and a circular runway (radius: 10 m). The runway and taxiway are connected to each other so that different corner radii are available.

Aerial photograph of the August-Euler airfield
Detailed view of the connection between runway and taxiway on the airfield in Griesheim (Source: Benedikt Tichi, MaTh)

Test evaluation

In addition to the transfer of measurement data in common data formats, it is also possible to evaluate the tests according to scientific criteria and to develop new customer-specific evaluation algorithms.

Picture: Fernando Baptista


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Further Sources (Thesis, etc.)

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