Development of a test concept and generation of test cases for teleoperated systems in an automated vehicle


Masterthesis, Bachelorthesis

Teleoperation means the remote control of a vehicle and is seen as a fundamental key factor to enable automated driving. In the research projects MAAS and UNICARagil teleoperation systems are developed and implemented into the automated vehicles. For this, a test concept including test cases based on a risk analysis needs to be developed to approve safety of the systems.

Task Details:

  • Analysis and extension of the risk analysis of the teleoperation system
  • Definition of safety requirements based on the risk analysis
  • Development of a test concept including possible test environment and the definition of concrete test cases
  • Execution of selected test cases in a given test environment
  • Evaluation of the method in comparison to existing methods


  • Readiness for theoretical approaches and abstract thinking
  • Good understanding of the functions of an automated vehicle