Advanced Design Projects

In the course of Advanced Design Projects or Advanced Research Projects offered at FZD, student groups have worked on various automotive engineering problems. Examples of past assignments are:

  • Systematic analysis of maneuvers during highway driving
  • Development of a control concept for Interactive Longitudinal Control (ILoC)
  • Development of concepts for assisted driving in street tunnels
  • Development of a mobile radar measurement station
  • Development of a replaceable rope winch for the EVITA towing vehicle
  • Development of a recuperative brake system for Formula Student race cars
  • Development of a test rig for the investigation of wear of passenger car tires

The ADP/ARP should be done as a team work in a group of four to seven students.

Registration is possible either directly as a group or as an individual. Individual applicants are placed on an FZD-internal waiting list until enough participants for a group are available. If groups apply, the ADP/ARP can generally be conducted within the time frame the students wish for, provided timely planning.

Generally, a requirement for the participation in an automotive engineering ADP/ARP is the participation in one or more lectures of FZD. This depends on the topic of the offered ADP/ARP.

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  • In this thesis – in cooperation with TU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V. – the existing CAD model of a formula student race car is to be enriched by measured data (forces, torques, accelerations…) related to driving dynamics and component load. This dataset is to be generated through real experiments with a former FS car.

    Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Melina Lutwitzi

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  • False positive activations of an automatic emergency braking (AEB) system pose a great risk to the driver and other traffic participants, so efforts must be made to demonstrate safety against them, often requiring manual labeling of events.

    The target of this ADP is to create a training dataset and investigate the extent to which common machine learning approaches are able to compete with manual labeling of events in recorded data from field tests.

    Supervisors: Daniel Betschinske, M.Sc., Malte Schrimpf, M.Sc.

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  • In this project, the software of an autonomously driving model vehicle is developed. The hardware is already available. At the end of the project, the vehicle should be able to autonomously master a circuit as fast as possible and a further in-depth elective task should be fulfilled (e.g. sign / pedestrian detection, parking,…).

    Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Melina Lutwitzi

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The goal of the Advanced Design Projects and Advanced Research Projects at FZD is the design or analysis of vehicle technology systems including verification and, if possible, validation of the results. Assignments are set within the framework of an independent project or embedded in an industrial research project.

Depending on the extent of the task, the ADP/ARP can be split into work packages ranging from concept generation via design and simulation to start-up and conduct of tests. Students in their main or master studies thus have the opportunity to apply and deepen their already acquired knowledge in the field of automotive engineering.

ADPs/ARPs are rewarded with 6 CPs. This corresponds to a workload (incl. composition) of 180 hours per participant. The allocation of this working time must be agreed with the supervising assistant, but can be adapted to the students’ wishes. Generally, the participation in one or more lectures of FZD is required. This depends on the topic of the ADP/ARP.

For further information regarding the assignment and possible time frames for the project, please ask the contact person indicated on the right.


The time frames are set in correspondence with the supervising assistant of the ADP/ARP if a sufficient number of students (at least 4 persons) has applied for the ADP/ARP. The students’ wishes can be met regarding the scheduling of appointments in order to prevent an overlap e.g. with exams. If students apply as a group of at least four persons, the time frame can generally be set according to the wishes of the students.

The workload for every student (incl. preparation of the composition) amounts to 6 CPs, respectively 180 hours. Assuming a 40-hour week, the project duration amounts to 4.5 weeks. Besides the actual work on the project, this also includes one to two weeks of follow-up work (written composition and preparation of the final presentation). If the students wish to work on the ADP/ARP only part-time, for example because of exams, this can be taken into account in the planning. In that case, the project duration is adapted accordingly.

A group size of 5 persons is aspired, as this is optimal for student teamwork according to our experience. The examination regulations permit a group size of 4-7 students.

In principal, an ADP/ARP at FZD spans the work on various automotive engineering problems. Hereby, every student group works on a different topic. Examples of past ADPs/ARPs can be found on the homepage. Current assignments are announced on the homepage and on the notice boards of FZD.

Depending on the desired time frame, the application should take place at least one month before the desired start date. Registration is initially done without obligation by contacting the research assistant of the subject area named in the announcement. Individuals should apply earlier so that they can be integrated into an existing group or form a separate group.

After registration on a waiting list, each registered student will be invited by e-mail to a first meeting once the minimum group size is reached. Here, the participants can get to know each other (as far as they have not already registered as a group). Afterwards, the assignment is presented and a date is agreed for its implementation.

The ADP/ARP is not only offered for Mechanical and Process Engineering students (also Business Administration/Industrial Engineering – specializing in Mechanical Engineering) that hold a bachelor’s degree but also for students of other faculties and study areas. Hereby, the respective regulations specific to the individual’s degree program have to be considered and the students are responsible to obtain this information. Generally, the participation in one or more lectures of FZD is required. However, this depends on the topic of the offered ADP/ARP and can be requested from the respective research assistant or from the ADP/ARP representative (see right column).