Going Abroad and Dual Master

Now at VKM: Tongji University Shanghai

Responsibility of Exchange Program Has Changed!

The responsibility regarding the exchange program has moved from FZD to vkm. You find all the important information regarding the exchange program by clicking at the link in the info box.

Lujiazui Skyline at Night, Shanghai

TU Darmstadt enjoys a cooperative relationship with Tongji University Shanghai. As such, students get the opportunity to do a regular semester abroad or to take part in the Double Master Degree Program between the two universities. These programs offer the unique opportunity to become acquainted with the culture and language of one of the currently most economically and socially dynamic countries on earth.

The Double Master Degree Program offers students of mechanical engineering the opportunity to study their third semester at Tongji University, perform an internship in China during the fourth semester and head back to Tongji for writing their master thesis in the fifth semester.

By taking part in this program, students can earn a double master degree from both universities within five semesters. The close long-term relations between the Automotive Engineering department at TU Darmstadt and the School of Automotive Studies at Tongji University provide a fundamental basis for a seamless co-supervision of the master thesis.

  • 3rd master semester: study at Tongji
  • 4th master semester: internship
  • 5th master semester: master thesis at Tongji, co-supervision with TU Darmstadt

Because of the highly international nature and a diversified exchange with Germany, most of the courses at Tongji University are held in English or German, so exams in Chinese language are not necessary.

By structuring the study plan for the master program in accordance with the guidelines of both Tongji University and TU Darmstadt, a master degree from both institutions can be obtained. A professor at Tongji University acts as a mentor to the students and the master thesis is written under the mentor’s guidance. A recognition of the internship as an advanced internship (discipline-oriented internship) is possible.

Tongji University Shanghai, Rock at Main Entrance Jiading-Campus

Tongji University is one of the most prestigious universities in the People’s Republic of China and characterized by an international focus. In 1907, it was founded as the “German School of medicine for Chinese in Shanghai” and later renamed to Tongji University in 1927. More than 35,000 students are enrolled currently and about 2,800 employees are engaged in research and teaching. The School of Automotive Studies at Tongji University enjoys an excellent reputation in the automobile industry regarding the education of automotive engineers.

You will find the information regarding the program and application at Outgoer Tongji Shanghai and Outgoer Application.