Oral Examination Dates

The oral exam appointments at FZD will be allocated by the secretary of the institute. An on-time registration is strongly recommended.

Exam Timetable (07.11.2018):

Safeguard Processes for Motor Vehicles

  • Fr, 14.12.2018

Ride and Handling (FF)

  • Fr, 08.03.19
  • Di, 26.03.19
  • Di, 16.04.19

Automotive Mechatronics and Assistance Systems (MAA)

  • Do, 01.11.18
  • Fr., 09.11.18
  • Do, 07.03.19
  • Mo, 25.03.19
  • Di, 16.04.19

Tire Technology I + II

  • cancelled

Motor Cycles

  • New appointments at the end of the summer semester 2019

Written Examination Dates

The Registration for the written exams can only be done on TUCAN.

Motor Vehicles (KT)

  • Mo, 18.03.2019

Product Conception and Product Design in Automotive Industry (PAA)

  • Mo, 04.02.19

Automotive Development Trends (TdK)

  • Do, 21.03.19

In all the exams at FZD it is just allowed to use pen and paper. The use of calculators and script is not permitted. It's only necessary to take the student card and the id card with you.