Tongji University

Stay Abroad and Dual Master – Tongji University Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

The TU Darmstadt enjoys a cooperative relationship with the Tongji Univerity Shanghai. Students of mechanical engineering are offered the opportunity to spend the third semester of their master’s program and write their master’s thesis at the Tongji University within the framework of a dual master’s program. By availing of this opportunity, students can earn a dual master degree from both universities in five semesters. Moreover, students interested in automotive engineering are provided with the opportunity to apply for a scholarship program sponsored by Continental Chassis & Safety Frankfurt which includes financial support and an internship at one of the company’s facilities in China.

Close relations have existed between the Automotive Engineering department at TU Darmstadt and the College of Automotive Engineering at Tongi University for many years. This enables a seamless co-supervision of the master’s thesis.

Students have the unique opportunity to become acquainted with the culture and language of one of the most economically and socially dynamic countries on the globe at present. Moreover, during the entire course of studies and especially their practical training at Continental, students get an insight into the processes and technologies of a global player in the automotive supply industry. They are thus able to develop their technical and social skills in a global context.

Tongji University is one of the most prestigious universities in the People’s Republic of China and is characterized by an international focus. It was founded as the “German School of medicine for Chinese in Shanghai” and renamed Tongji University in 1927.

More than 50,000 students are enrolled currently and about 4,800 employees are engaged in research and teaching. The College of Automotive Engineering at Tongji University enjoys an excellent reputation in the automobile industry as regards the education of automotive engineers.



Because of the highly international nature and a diversified exchange with Germany, most of the courses have English or German as the medium of instruction. This obviates the need to take examinations in Chinese.

By structuring the study plan for the master’s program in accordance with the guidelines of both Tongji University and TU Darmstadt, a master’s degree from both institutions can be obtained. A professor at Tongji University acts as a mentor to the students and the master’s thesis is written under the mentor’s guidance. A recognition of the internship as an advanced internship (discipline-oriented internship) is possible.

Upon admission to the scholarship program, students receive a financial grant from Continental Chassis & Safety Frankfurt to the tune of 500 EUR per month as well as additional services in China, e.g., the company pays for the costs of the flight and tuition fees incurred. Moreover, Continental supports students through comprehensive mentoring, individual counseling and attractive activities which allow for a deeper insight into the industry.


Who can apply?

All students who will be enrolled in mechanical engineering at Tongji University or in mechatronics at TU Darmstadt at the time of the foreign stay can apply. The students, however, must have completed their bachelor’s course by this point in time. It is recommended, that an application be submitted during the third or fifth semester during the bachelor’s course so that the stay abroad can be arranged for in the third semester of the master’s course.


Time frame

Tongji: September 2016 to October 2018 (maximum)


Experience Reports

August 2011 – Februar 2012

  • Report by Christian Bayer, Martin Hartwig, Joachim Herold, Kamil Klonecki