International information

Information for International Students

If you are interested in studying at FZD, please have a look at „Automotive Engineering Summer Germany“. It is a summer program for international students (from our partner universities Virginia Tech and University at Buffalo). Unfortunately we do not offer other programs or internships.

Unfortunately we do not offer other programs or internships.

How to obtain a PhD at FZD

In Germany the way of obtaining a degree equivalent to the PhD is different to most other countries e.g. in the US. Instead of having a PhD program with its classes and exams, in Germany candidates for a Dr.-Ing., our PhD Degree, are scientific assistants doing research in full time. They are young professionals who are employed based on a contract of employment. Some of them have a scholarship. The requirements of the university for being accepted as a doctoral candidate are defined in the Promotionsordnung of Technische Universität Darmstadt and in the regulations of the mechanical engineering department. In addition, a scientific advisor (Doktorvater) is needed.

The research of the FZD doctoral candidates/scientific assistants is integrated in an industrial or public financed project. Within a period of three to five years, they receive their degree by writing their doctoral thesis (Dissertation) based on this research and passing a final doctoral defense.

To apply as a scientific assistant aiming for a Dr.-Ing. degree at FZD you have the following options:

  • 1. Apply for a vacant position: Take a look at offene Stellen.
  • 2. Send your application in September (01.-10. September in every year) to start your doctoral phase in autumn the following year and get a scholarship from your country or from an international or German organization like DAAD. The selection process is divided in two steps. Promising candidates will be chosen for an online interview based on their application documents in September. Therefore, we do not accept any applications which are sent before September 1st. Only the final candidate who is selected after the interview phase will receive a letter of acceptance in October which might be needed during the scholarship application process. Normally we will accept one doctoral candidte every year.