FZD Participates in Girls' Day, Inspiring Young Women in Automotive Engineering


On 27 April, FZD took part in the annual Girls' Day, an event aimed at encouraging young women to consider careers in science, technology and engineering. Five girls between the ages of 11 and 15 were given the opportunity to explore various aspects of automotive engineering under the guidance of FZD employees Patrick and Melina.

The girls were introduced to different aspects of automotive engineering, including designing a 3D printed car using CAD, exploring different environmental sensors used in automated vehicles, driving our MORPHEUS driving simulator and taking a ride in one of our research vehicles on FZD's dynamic test track in Griesheim. Throughout the day, Patrick and Melina shared their expertise and passion for their work, inspiring the girls to consider studying engineering.

By participating in events like Girls' Day, FZD hopes to break down stereotypes and show young women that engineering is for everyone.