Memberships & Spinoffs

FZD is part of the asc(s (Automotive Solution Center for Simulation) (opens in new tab), which is a non-profit association for know-how carriers in the field of automotive simulation.

FZD is a member of the European Standards Committee CEN/TC162/WG 9 „Motorcycle rider protective clothing“ as well as the DIN working committee “Motorcycle rider protective clothing” (NA 075-05-09 AA) within the standards committee “Personal Protective Equipment” (NPS, NA 075). The cooperation results in a new standard for abrasion testing of protective clothing for motorcyclists, in which the „Darmstädter procedure for protective clothing testing“ is applied.

FZD is now a part of Uni-DAS eV

Persival is a startup dealing with Perception Sensor Simulation and Model Validation spinned off in 2022. Learn more at:

TRM is a spinoff of FZD offering brake testing and advanced abrasion resistance testing equipment. Learn more at: