FZD Participation in Networks and Groups

FZD is part of the Uni-DAS e.V. association, consisting of seven institutes of German universities with the overarching goal to promote science and research in the areas of driver assistance systems and automated driving.

FZD hosts the WKM Symposium for doctoral students with the goal to present research results in the fields of automotive and engine technology to interested experts.

FZD takes part in the aDDa (automated Driving Darmstadt for Students) initiative in order to enable students to collaborate on an automated vehicle with nine other institutes of the TU Darmstadt in an interdisciplinary manner.

Prof. Dr. Hermann Winner is a member of the Board of Academic Advisers to the Deutsche Verkehrswacht e.V.

FZD is a member of the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC) since 2017. This consortium was founded by Honda, Yamaha, and BMW Motorrad in order to create mutual standards for communicating assistance systems in motorcycles. In addition, it is important to ensure that motorcycles are taken into account in the environment of other communicating systems (cars, infrastructure, etc.)

FZD participates in the COST Action TU1407 “Safe2Wheelers”, a network promoted by the EU for the exchange between motorcycle research facilities. By means of exchange programs and workshops, research results in the areas of accident research, driver behavior, traffic environment, assistance systems, and legislation are brought together.

FZD is a member of the European Standards Committee CEN/TC162/WG 9 „Motorcycle rider protective clothing“ as well as the DIN working committee “Motorcycle rider protective clothing” (NA 075-05-09 AA) within the standards committee “Personal Protective Equipment” (NPS, NA 075). The cooperation results in a new standard for abrasion testing of protective clothing for motorcyclists, in which the „Darmstädter procedure for protective clothing testing“ is applied.