Association of Friends of FZD

Verein der Freunde des Fachgebiets Fahrzeugtechnik der TU Darmstadt e.V.

Purpose and task of the association are strengthening the sense of a common bond and the synergies of active and former employees and friends of FZD, the scientific research and the scientific exchange of ideas in the field of automotive engineering, the promotion of scientific work, especially that of FZD, the publication of own research results and the support of students, employees or members of the association in crisis situations.

The founding meeting of the Association of Friends of the Department of Automotive Engineering at TU Darmstadt (FFF) took place on November 1, 1997 as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the Department of Automotive Engineering at TU Darmstadt (FZD).

FFF Info Sheet

You can download the FFF info sheet as pdf.

Picture: Patrick Pintscher


As of January 1, 2020, the association had 155 members.

Promotion of Science in Research and Education of FZD

The Association's funds consist mainly of membership fees and donations and are provided in particular to promote the science and education of FZD, if funds cannot be obtained or are not available in sufficient quantity for the purpose in question. Specifically, the funds made available are used to:

  • to finance research projects, equipment and technical literature,
  • to support the development of FZD,
  • to help students, employees or members of the association in crisis situations,
  • to award the FFF annual prize for outstanding student achievements or special commitment to FZD.

For example, the following have been financed in the past:

  • Contribution to the construction of a flywheel mass test rig (approx. 8,400 EUR)
  • student workbenches/workshop (approx. 16,000 EUR)
  • ACC test vehicle (approx. EUR 23,000)
  • various software licenses (approx. 12,000 EUR)
  • Digital display for the FZD lathe (approx. 3000 EUR)
  • Furniture for student workrooms (approx. 6,300 EUR)
  • Mobile generator and participation in a workshop in North America within the international MiniMax project group (University at Buffalo, University of Waterloo, TU Darmstadt) (approx. 6.600 EUR)
  • Repair of an FZD milling machine (approx. 12.400 EUR)
  • Repair of the ADMA (fibre gyro platform) (approx. 6,700 EUR)
  • Repair of the FZD-Hydropulser (approx. 6800 EUR)
  • Valve block replacement for FZD’s cargo safety test rig (HULK) (approx. 1,800 EUR)


We would be pleased if you would support us in our work by becoming a member. The membership fee is left to the self-assessment of each member. However, there is a minimum membership fee of 26 EUR per year. If you would like to become a member, please contact the managing director (contact: see below).

FFF is a registered non-profit association. Donation receipts can be issued for contributions and do-nations for submission to the tax office.

  • Access to the FFF network with over 150 members (including several professors and many other executives, mainly from the automotive industry)
  • Participation in the annual FFF excursion, which alternately visits companies or institutions (mainly in the automotive sector) in Germany and abroad and offers insights that would otherwise not be possible
  • Information on doctoral examinations at FZD
  • Upon request, the FZD annual report, which provides an overview of current research activities and education activities at FZD
  • Strengthening the bond to FZD

Please contact the given contact that you can find in the contact section.

Past Excursions

  • 1999 Höchst i. Odw. (incl. Pirelli, Breuberg Castle)
  • 2000 Mannheim (John Deere)
  • 2001 Aschaffenburg (lime tree)
  • 2002 Wolfsburg (VW)
  • 2003 Dresden (e.g. TU Dresden, DEKRA Test Center)
  • 2004 London (among others Heritage Motor Center, Bentley-Motors, Aston Martin)
  • 2005 Cologne (DLR, Ford)
  • 2006 France (e.g. Bugatti, Michelin)
  • 2007 Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Research Centre, KATRIN)
  • 2008 Northern Italy (e.g. Pirelli, Lamborghini)
  • 2009 Northern Germany (e.g. Airbus, DESY)
  • 2010 Istanbul (e.g. Mercedes Benz Trk, Ford Otosan)
  • 2011 Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (e.g. Volkswerft Stralsund, Museum Peenemünde)
  • 2012 Switzerland (e.g. Hublot, CERN, cheese dairy, chocolate factory “Maison Cailler”)
  • 2013 Ruhr area (e.g. Duisburg Inner Harbor, Krupp Mannesmann steel mill)
  • 2014 Krakow (including MAN, former Auschwitz concentration camp, acoustics laboratory, Collegium Maius)
  • 2015 Lake Constance (ADC, alpine dairy, Zeppelin + Dornier Museum, Fritz B. Busch Museum, etc.)
  • 2016 Birmingham (including Norton, Donington Park, Morgan, Peak District)
  • 2017 Alsace (including Herrenknecht, Colmar, Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg, Cité de l'Automobile)
  • 2018 Lombardy (including Como, Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Museo Moto Guzzi, Bellagio)
  • 2019 Hamburg (including harbour tour, Airbus factory, container harbour, Miniaturwunderland, car museum PROTOTYP)