MAN L2000

Test Vehicle for the Investigation of Cargo Securing Concepts

A test vehicle for the investigation of cargo securing concepts in driving tests was developed and built at FZD.

The vehicle offers the possibility to carry out dynamic driving tests on the FZD's own test site as well as static tilt tests. This has the advantage that a static tilting test can be carried out before the dynamic driving tests with a cargo unit, which usually places less stress on the load securing, and thus reducing the probability of the securing failing in the dynamic test.

At FZD, both test procedures are also used to further develop and validate the cargo securing test on the company's own HULK dynamic sliding test bench.

Performance Data of Test Vehicle

  • Name: MAN L2000 12.224
  • Engine: 6 cylinder in-line diesel engine, 162 kW maximum output
  • Year of construction: 1998
  • Kerb weight: 5840 kg
  • Permissible total mass: 11990 kg
  • Dimensions of cargo platform:
    • 3995 mm x 2330 mm (with closed side walls)
    • 3995 mm x 2440 mm (with open side walls)
  • Available securing measures:
    • Lashing eyes
    • Infinitely height-adjustable slats for locking beams
    • Blocking beam at platform ground
  • Maximum tilt angle:
    • To the back: 44°
    • To the side: 41°
  • Measurement equipment:
    • Precise acceleration sensor ADMA
    • Tilt angle sensor
    • Cameras
    • Real-time measurement of restraining forces in locking beams & slats
    • Real-time measurement of the pretensioning forces in the tensioning belta