The goal of the interdisciplinary research project PRORETA 4 is the development of intelligent, learning vehicle systems in order to further increase driving safety and comfort. For this purpose, Continental cooperates with multiple research groups of TU Darmstadt within the scope of a research agreement. Beside FZD, the Control Methods and Robotics Lab as well as the Knowledge Engineering Group are involved.

Concepts that close the control loop between driver, vehicle, and environment through use of artificial intelligence are focused. Hereby, the driver trains the vehicle on his individual behavior within the scope of a function. Additionally, the learned individual knowledge about the driver is used by the function to output possible suggestions, warnings, or actions. Beside the driver-focused adaption of the function, machine learning algorithms are also used in environment perception, which is required for execution of the function. Repeatedly driven sections or situations for example are improved in their detection quality by memory-based machine perception.

PRORETA 4 is the fourth season of the successful research cooperation between Continental and TU Darmstadt, improving on the results of the previous projects PRORETA 1 (emergency braking and evasion assistance), PRORETA 2 (overtaking assistance), as well as PRORETA 3 (integral safety concept and cooperative automation).

A research associate at FZD is involved in this project over a period of three and a half years and deals with the research topic of Safety Approval of Learning Algorithms.

Official website: PRORETA 4

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