Hybride Lenkkonzepte für das automatisierte Fahren von Nutzfahrzeugen

Hybrid Steering Concepts for Automated Driving of Utility Vehicles

Various concepts for a steering system for automated driving of commercial vehicles are developed in the course of a cooperative project. Due to the high required steering power, which current electro-mechanic steering systems cannot provide, a hybrid concept consisting of an electric and a hydraulic steering support is pursued. The hydraulic system hereby provides the required steering power and the electric system realizes a functionality, comparable to that of an electro-mechanical steering system.

The project goal is an elaborated concept for a hybrid steering system for utility vehicles that is suitable for partially, highly, and fully automated driving. The particular focus of the project lies on the development of a safety concept and a safety architecture for the steering system that provides different fallback levels in case of a failure depending on the level of automation.

FZD works with the industry partner Hubei Henglong Automotive System Group Co. Ltd. in the course of a research assignment.

Research Topics