Research Projects

aDDa 4 students – Automated Driving Darmstadt for Students is an interdisciplinary project for the improvement of teaching in the course of the Higher Education Pact 2020 and its goal is to build a students‘ research vehicle.
Applications for Motorcycle Simulators
Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems for Motorcycles
ENABLE-S3 – European Initiative to Enable Validation for Highly Automated Safe and Secure Systems
Driver State Evaluation on Motorcycles
Hybrid Steering Concepts for Automated Driving of Utility Vehicles
KOLLERAM – Detecting and Displaying Collision Risks in Motorsport
MAAS – Feasibility Analysis for Automation and Assistance Systems of Trams
MORPHEUS – Application Potential of Wheeled Mobile Driving Simulators
Wheel Brake with Low Particle Emission
PEGASUS – Project for the establishment of generally accepted quality criteria, tools and methods, as well as scenarios and situations for the release of highly-automated driving functions
PIONEERS – Protective Innovations of new Equipment for enhanced Rider Safety
PRORETA5 – Investigation of artificial intelligence methods with focus on situation understanding and motion planning for enabling automated driving in urban traffic
Investigation of the Influences on Crack Development in Brake Discs of Trucks
Systems for Wheel Brake Actuation 2
UNICARagil – Project to conceive, realize, and test a new, disruptive, modular, and scalable vehicle architecture and platform
VIR2AL – Virtualization in the 2-Wheeler ARAS development