Research Projects

aDDa 4 students – Automated Driving Darmstadt for Students is an interdisciplinary project for the improvement of teaching in the course of the Higher Education Pact 2020 and its goal is to build a students‘ research vehicle.
Applications for Motorcycle Simulators
Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems for Motorcycles
ENABLE-S3 – European Initiative to Enable Validation for Highly Automated Safe and Secure Systems
Driver State Evaluation on Motorcycles
Hybrid Steering Concepts for Automated Driving of Utility Vehicles
KOLLERAM – Detecting and Displaying Collision Risks in Motorsport
MAAS – Feasibility Analysis for Automation and Assistance Systems of Trams
MORPHEUS – Application Potential of Wheeled Mobile Driving Simulators
Wheel Brake with Low Particle Emission
PEGASUS – Project for the establishment of generally accepted quality criteria, tools and methods, as well as scenarios and situations for the release of highly-automated driving functions
PIONEERS – Protective Innovations of new Equipment for enhanced Rider Safety
Investigation of the Influences on Crack Development in Brake Discs of Trucks
Systems for Wheel Brake Actuation 2
UNICARagil – Project to conceive, realize, and test a new, disruptive, modular, and scalable vehicle architecture and platform
VIR2AL – Virtualization in the 2-Wheeler ARAS development