The publicly promoted project ENABLE-S3 (European Initiative to Enable Validation for Highly Automated Safe and Secure Systems) aims to develop efficient and modular test methods for ACPS that are based on an intelligent combination of virtual simulations (SiL), model-based testing (MiL), physical test benches (HiL), and practical testing (driving on test fields and regular streets). The combined virtual and physical test methods should guarantee, while requiring a fraction of the current verification and validation effort, that the developed highly automated and/or autonomously operating systems are reliable and safe and demonstratably increase safety compared to human operators.

In ENABLE-S3, 71 partners from the six industry sectors automotive, aerospace, rail, maritime, farming, and health have joined to address this challenge together. The consortium from 16 countries consists of leading OEMs, suppliers of levels 1/2/3, innovative KMUs, and renowned research institutes that head development, verification, and validation of complex autonomous systems. The European Union project is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Ecsel Joint Undertaking (EU HORIZON 2020) with a total of 64.8 million Euros for the verification and validation of highly automated systems.

Two research associates at FZD are involved in this project over a course of three years.

FZD works on the two research topics System Architecture and Safety Concept for Valet Parking and Development of Simulation Models for Active Sensors.

Official website: https://www.enable-s3.eu/

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