Our Vision for the AD-Stack of Tomorrow

In order to empower the planner to decide as an informed risk manager we believe the whole chain of sense-plan-act has to measure/estimate and share full probability density functions of their outputs rather than single values (e.g. situation dependent measurement uncertainties of each sensor shall be propagated). In addition, the fusion module could use that additional information to find out what fusion architecture works best in a particular situation aiming for energy efficiency subject to latency and accuracy requirements defined by the planner. Find out more about our work in ATZ (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s38311-023-1489-8)

Our Vision for the Sustainable Premium Car of Tomorrow

Our vision of a car which remains desirable and stable in value for at least one generation (Car 4 Generations) strives for the ultimate sustainability. The BEV-version of it has two batteries with completely different chemistries: one for energy, one for power. The later is small, can be replaced easily and protects the huge energy battery from stressful peaks. All AD/ADAS-sensors are integrated in modules which are plug&play replaceable. A fully active suspension protects the whole body from vibrations to increase longevity. Today’s low weight wheel hub motors do not restrict comfort and when placed at the rear-axle, provide package advantages especially with regard to the accessibility of the power-battery and the possible length of the energy-battery.