Modular Safety Approval of Autonomous Driving

As an alternative for today’s safety approval methods for passenger cars with elaborate vehicle testing of pre-series vehicles, a consequently modular approach for safety approval of driverless autonomous vehicles is researched

For this purpose, a catalogue of requirements for different road types is created and the respective driving skills are assigned. The resulting catalogues are core elements of the new safety approval strategy. Safety approval of driving on a certain road section is done only once and is applicable to various other applications and furthermore can be used for a future development of standards, apart from this project.

Furthermore, a method is developed to verify the required skills already on module level. Therefore, testability at the interfaces must be closely considered during definition of the interfaces between the individual modules. The topic of modular safety approval is investigated in cooperation with IPG Automotive GmbH.

This topic is researched in the course of the publicly supported project UNICARagil.

Corresponding Research Project UNICARagil