Enabling Automated Driving in Urban Traffic

The goal of the interdisciplinary and interuniversity research project PRORETA 5 is the investigation of artificial intelligence methods with focus on situation understanding and motion planning for enabling automated driving in urban traffic.

For this purpose, the Institute of Automotive Engineering (FZD) in cooperation with Continental, the Control Methods and Robotics Lab at TU Darmstadt, the Institute of Cognitive Neuroinformatics at University of Bremen as well as the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering at TU Iaşi (Romania) is researching automated driving in urban environments.

Here, the focus is on automated, predictive driving using artificial intelligence. In particular, it aims to gain an understanding of driver actions and environment data, traffic rules and the interaction between road users. By imitating driver behavior, humanized motion planning will be implemented and an understanding of driver attention in relation to external objects and situations will be achieved. Based on this, feature reduction and compression methods will be implemented and complex maneuvers, adaptive driving under environmental influences and cooperative driving strategies will be realized. A systems engineering methodology will be developed for the integration and testing of the AI.

PRORETA 5 is the fifth season of the successful research cooperation between Continental and TU Darmstadt, which is based on the results and experiences of the previous projects PRORETA 1 (emergency brake and evasion assistance), PRORETA 2 (overtaking assistance), PRORETA 3 (integral safety concept and cooperative automation) and PRORETA 4 (safety by learning), and which was supplemented in PRORETA 5 by two further universities as research partners.