Protective Innovations of New Equipment for Enhanced Rider Safety

Riders of two-wheelers belong to the „vulnerable road users“. To protect them better, the European Union project PIONEERS made it its business to define requirements for future concepts on safety systems for riders of two-wheelers based on accident data and biomechanical examinations.

First, critical accident scenarios are examined and analyzed regarding their injury mechanisms. With the results of these considerations, demands for safety systems are derived that should protect the two-wheel rider from the actually occurring injury mechanisms as best as possible. In addition, test methods for safety systems are developed that reproduce the real accident as realistically as possible to ensure that future developments are tested concerning their actual protective effect.

The project has the purpose to introduce the new findings to standardization committees in order to increase the safety standard of certified products. Increasing the awareness about the necessity of high-quality protective gear for riders of two-wheelers through information events and demeonstrations of new systems is also part of the project.

FZD is mainly involved in PIONEERS with the work packages for development of test methods for protective gear and with the investigation of automatic emergency braking systems.

The idea of the project results from an initiative within the European standardization committee CEN/TC162/WG 9 „Motorcycle rider protective clothing“.

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Research Topics

The following research topics are researched in this project: