Cargo Securing

Cargo Securing Research at FZD

Despite the considerable technical progress in general science (e.g. calculation and simulation) and applied science (e.g. logistics technology and vehicle technology), methods older than 25 years are used to determine the necessary cargo securing measures and, to a large extent, the cargo securing measures themselves.

These methods hardly or no longer meet current or future requirements. The fact that the previously known test methods for cargo securing do not adequately represent the relevant transport loads is also due to the fact that no scientifically founded investigation of the behaviour of cargo and securing equipment is possible.

In order to eliminate this lack, research is being carried out at FZD on concepts for cargo securing and on the methods for testing these. For this purpose, a new type of dynamic sliding test bench was developed and set up at the FZD, with which both the relevant transport loads (horizontal and vertical) can be reproduced simultaneously in sufficient length and the essential measured variables (restraining forces, cargo movement, deformation, etc.) can be recorded.

In addition to the dynamic sliding test bench, FZD also has a specially modified test vehicle as well as a newly developed research cargo unit for cargo securing research at its disposal.

These are the basis for systematically optimizing cargo securing systems in the future and for a complete and reproducible examination of the validity regarding the strongly simplifying assumptions of the valid regulations in the area of cargo securing.

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