aDDa 4 Students

Application of Algorithms for Automated Driving Functions

aDDa (Automated Driving Darmstadt for Students) is an interdisciplinary project for the improvement of teaching in the course of the Higher Education Pact 2020 and its goal is to build a students‘ research vehicle.

A modular vehicle platform is provided throughout multiple research groups and departments, to which students can apply algorithms for driver assistance functions and automated driving functions, whereas learning algorithms should especially be paramount next to conventional algorithms. Especially challenging and thus unlike previous models is to create a safe and reliable research platform despite the uncertainties associated with student work. This is why the applicants are willing to deploy research associates in order to provide the functional architecture as well as to conduct the safety assessment and safeguarding. Medium-term, an approval for tests on public roads is aspired. As an example, the functions developed by students can be tested without risk on test tracks via the VAAFO Method (Virtual Assessment of Automation in Field Operation) before deploying them in real-world traffic. In doing so, the students not only learn to develop new functions, but also the entire process of system development ranging from definition of requirements over implementation to validation.

Goals of the project are:

  • Competences of the research groups and departments should be pooled for an overarching, modular vehicle platform.
  • Students get the possibility to develop and apply algorithms for driver assistance and automated functions.
  • Next to conventional algorithms, especially learning algorithms are paramount.
  • A safe and reliable development platform should be established that will be approved for testing on public roads in the medium term.
  • The students should learn to develop, implement, and validate new functions.

Official website: adda 4 Students

Research Topics

The following research topics are researched in this project: