Hybrid steering concepts for automated driving of commercial vehicles

Redundant Active Steering System for Automatically Driving Trucks

Automatically driving trucks especially differ from automatically driving passenger cars in the field of active actuators. Especially the requirements for the steering system of automatically driving trucks are specific. A special challenge during the development of steering systems for utility vehicles in comparison to passenger vehicles is the much higher steering power caused by the higher axle loads of utility vehicles.

At first, research at FZD focuses on determining these special requirements for steering systems for trucks and drafting an active, redundant steering system that has a hybrid actuator technology with electric and hydraulic positioning system. Based on this, a safety concept for the steering system is developed, from which effects and requirements for the development of certain subsystems and components of the steering system as well as for the system’s operating strategy result.

The aim of this research is a comprehensive concept of a redundant, active steering system for automated driving of commercial vehicles and especially trucks, including an elaborated safety concept, an operation strategy, as well as concepts for crucial subsystems and components.

FZD works with the industry partner Hubei Henglong Automotive System Group Co. Ltd. in the course of a research assignment.